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As the stand-off between Indiana House Republicans and Democrats goes into its second month, neither side shows any symbol of concession. While returning from Springfield Sunday afternoon, I stopped in Urbanna and spoken with State Representative Vernon Smith of Gary as he was leaving the Comfort Suites and heading to church.

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Another to be able to cut my taxes. The lips may say, "No new taxes," but cardiovascular system of every politician says, "expand aged taxes." All this depends on your associated with "is," is.

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An objective analysis of Matheson's voting record this past decade reveals until this 'Blue Dog Democrat' (one of a team of 25 house polls who pretty much toe the Republican line) hasn't done anything to protect the those that trusted him enough to share him to Congress six times.

Look at the other houses - are developers scraping older homes and building new your own? How much disruption will that new construction be to your and existence?

recent political polls Although things look quality poll wise for Republican U.S. Senate candidate Dan Coats, I'm hearing Democrat Brad Ellsworth may obtain the last shot, pardon the expression, by having an endorsement from National Rifle Association, because of his record on sniper rifles. Stay tuned to a single.

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