Top Ten Entertainment News Stories Of 2006

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28 year-old Venezuelan native, Armando Galarraga would became the the first Tiger to throw a seamless game. Wednesday's game against Cleveland might have been the first off. In several internet polls asking if umpire Jim Joyce made an unhealthy call, 8,000 votes may be already been tallied by 6 am Thursday morning, June 3, 2010. In addition there are votes being cast on whether MLB needs to grow its instant replay. In closing, I'll commend Armando Galarraga for his gentlemanly and sportsman-like behavior over Jim Joyce's fatal call and give thanks that we're not an MLB umpire. Bud Selig, can't allowing give Armando Galarraga his perfect gaming?

In an MSNBC poll, "Who Will win Dancing with the Stars," readers are more split, with 46 percent voting for Marini, 37 percent casting votes for Johnson and 16 percent for Rycroft.

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Detroit Tigers pitcher Armando Galarraga (2-1) was in great shape to pitch the Tigers first perfect game for that 2010 MLB season, Wednesday night, June 2, 2010 at Comerica Park. Two out, ninth inning; first baseman Miguel Cabera neatly fields grounder. But umpire Jim Joyce calls Cleveland Indians Jason Donald safe, despite his being three feet from first base with Galarraga, ball in claws. To say that a hush fell your crowd is to be an understatement. No one expected Donald pertaining to being called nontoxic.

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